Epic Encounters


Epic Encounters es una muestra de cine que estoy programando para Flaherty NYC.  El ciclo,  que dos veces al año realiza The Robert Flaherty Seminar, tiene invitados estelares como Xurxo Chirro, Matías Piñeiro, Ignacio Agüero, Carlos Motta o Andrea Franco. Es una selección que gira en torno a la capacidad del cine para iluminar algunos rincones olvidados o preservar ciertos momentos que de otro modo podrían estar perdidos para siempre.

El ciclo arranca el 6 de marzo en el cine 92YTribeca

Flaherty NYC Epic Encounters

Este es el anuncio en inglés:


Six Wednesdays, March 6 to April 10 at 7pm

Directors Xurxo Chirro, Matías Piñeiro, Ignacio Agüero, Andrea Franco and Carlos Motta join for post-screening discussions




New York, NY: February 22, 2013 – The Flaherty returns to 92YTribeca in March for the next installment of its Flaherty NYC documentary film series. Programmed by NY1 Noticias film critic and host Jeronimo Rodriguezand titled Epic Encounters, Flaherty NYC’s Spring 2013 program focuses specifically on the ability of film to preserve moments that might otherwise be lost forever. The selected films, which come from across the Latin experience, concern nebulous histories, actions typically unnoticed, fractured spaces and the frailty of memory. Filmmakers and videographers – both professionals and amateurs – from Latin America, Spain and the United States explore the rich space between what is significant and what is relevant.



Wed Mar 6, 7:00pm, tickets $12 / $8 for 92YTribeca Film Club Members
Filmmaker Xurxo Chirro in person for post-screening discussion.
In Vikingland, Spanish filmmaker Xurxo Chirro edits camera footage recorded by a Galician sailor two decades ago during a working voyage between Denmark and Germany. Chirro not only reconstructs this unexpected protagonist and cameraman’s anecdotal personal journey, but also raises questions about the craft of filmmaking with subtle and ingenious wit.

Director: Xurxo Chirro. 97 min. 2011. DigiBeta.

Wed Mar 13, 7:00pm, tickets $12 / $8 for 92YTribeca Film Club Members
Filmmaker Matías Piñeiro in person for post-screening discussion.
A playful and mysterious film that elevates the typically behind-the-scenes activity of rehearsal to challenging narrative heights. With Rosalinda, the Argentinean Matías Piñeiro develops a sensual portrait around a theater group preparing to stage Shakespeare, an experience in which he imperceptibly erases the boundaries between representation through “acting” and the “real.”
Director: Matías Piñeiro. 40 min. 2010. BluRay.


Wed Mar 20, 7:00pm, tickets $12 / $8 for 92YTribeca Film Club Members
Filmmaker Ignacio Agüero in person for post-screening discussion.
A “Slippery Past” is explored in this film, which attempts to evoke intimacy and family memories. In an observational and leisurely tone, the director Ignacio Agüero meditates about his past in El otro día (The Other Day) through familiar objects left in his home. This exercise slowly gives way to a deeper reflection on the complexities of Chilean society.

Director: Ignacio Agüero. 115 min. 2012. BluRay.

Wed Mar 27, 7:00pm, tickets $12 / $8 for 92YTribeca Film Club Members
The rarely seen film Vida, muerte y asunción de Lupe Vélez, is one of the few existing records of Puerto Rican involvement in the New York underground of the 1960′s. It is a testament to the work done by filmmaker José Rodriguez Soltero, who, from the heart of the counterculture, helped create a legendary film. The director collaborated on the film with Mario Montez, an icon who was also a muse to Andy Warhol and Jack Smith.
Director: José Rodríguez Soltero. 60 min. 1966. 16mm.


Wed Apr 3, 7:00pm, tickets $12 / $8 for 92YTribeca Film Club Members
Filmmakers Andrea Franco and Carlos Motta in person for post-screening discussion.
A selection of short films that examine physical spaces, many of them fragmented or under transformation. This program includes an unsettling tour through the streets of Madrid by the collective Los Hijos, in the film Enero, 2012 (January, 2012); a striking portrait of Haiti that Fern Silva creates in Peril of the Antilles; the eerie tranquility of a Peruvian beach resort recorded by Andrea Franco in En Ancón (In Ancon); an illuminating examination of the World Trade Center site by Carlos Motta in his film Ivory Tower and a playful, virtual journey by Juan Daniel Molero in Image Not Found.
Peril of the Antilles (Dir. Fern Silva. USA, 2011. 5 min)
En Ancón (Dir. Andrea Franco. Perú/USA, 2012. 27 min)
Ivory Tower (Dir. Carlos Motta. Colombia/USA, 2011. 11 min)
Enero, 2012 (Dir. Los Hijos. Spain. 2012. 18 min)
Image Not Found (Juan Daniel Molero. Peru. 2013. 18 min)


Wed Apr 10, 7:00pm, tickets $12 / $8 for 92YTribeca Film Club Members
Closing night of this series revolves around a gifted and inquisitive filmmaker who worked most of his life at the margins of the industry and other artistic movements. Brazilian director Rogério Sganzerla, a member of Cinema Marginal and responsible for the cult classic, Red Light Bandit, made several documentaries about another indomitable auteur: Orson Welles. Styled as a freeform visual essay, Tudo E Brasil(Everything Is Brazil) is a speculative mosaic of the American filmmaker on his tumultuous journey through Brazil in 1942. The work doubles as a political meditation on the identity of South America’s largest country.
Director: Rogério Sganzerla. 82 min. 1997. 35mm.